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Stay Furious: Tindig 2017

One of the reasons art and expression exists is to invoke discomfort to its audience – be it the type of discomfort that sits before bed or the gnawing discomfort that needs to be dealt with. Freedom of expression always has a purpose.

This time, for The Polaris Project’s annual poetry slam called Stay Furious: Tindig 2017, it is to capture its audience by their hands and hearts to encourage them to turn their fury into action.

Our beloved nation has experienced numerous events that keep us asking: what can we do about it? In the same light, is change something we can grasp and foster with our hands? These questions motivate this year’s Tindig.

Tindig is on its third year as one of The Polaris Project’s focal events. This year, we would like to address the issues that plague our country – corruption, disrespect for human rights, neo-colonialism/postcolonialism, and everything that makes us seethe with fury. Hence, our call to our audience is to Stay Furious as a collective action that breeds hope and change that we strive for.

Promoting social awareness through art, Stay Furious: Tindig 2017, will feature a night of spoken word, art, and music that is dedicated to voicing out our frustrations about what is and our dreams of what should be. This year, we are introducing our #BurnBook which includes 140-character stories from writers all over Metro Manila, interpreted into visual stories by select artists. The event is co-presented by Resbak, an artists’ alliance that responds and breaks the silence on the killings done by the present administration.

The event is co-presented by Resbak, an artist’s alliance that responds and breaks the silence on the killings done by the present administration.

Our roster of spoken word poets includes Jam Pascual, Cai Antonio, Patti Ramos, John Ilagan, Mark Dimaisip, Lakan Umali, and poet, Wanggo Gallaga. Our contributing artists for the #BurnBook include Manix Abrera, Yasmin Sehob, Rysa Antonio, Rai Perez, Aia Arkoncel, Pau Villanueva, Brendel Lim, Anna Marcelo, and Bea Trinidad, and more.

Guest musicians, Calix x Skinxbonesand Den Sy Ty, are two rappers who discuss issues surrounding society with fury and wit.

To further highlight this year’s Tindig, all proceeds from this event will go to Rise Up, a collective of various religious and secular groups who champion human rights and denounce the continuing killings and human rights violations of the current administration. Rise Up believes that rehabilitation, counseling, and community involvement are better solutions to drug dependency over the current administration’s violent solution to drug-related problems. They uphold their cause by documenting the killings, giving livelihood programs to the families of the victims, giving paralegal support and psychological counseling to those affected by the killings.

We would like to invite you to stay furious and do something about it on 29 July 2017 at Venture Space, Mandaluyong from 7 PM to 12 MN. Entrance is Php250 per person and all proceeds will go to our beneficiary, Rise Up. Our #BurnBook is available for purchase at Php 70 each.

Food and drink concessionaires will be open during the event.

Links to Rise Up videos & documentaries:




RSVP at http://bit.ly/StayFurious

lifted from http://www.wheninmanila.com/stay-furious-tindig-2017-translating-words-art-and-fury/

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SoundCloud Philippines x CollaboratoryPH presents Music Speaks

SoundCloud Philippines, in partnership with CollaboratoryPH and 71O7, invites you to MUSIC SPEAKS – a night of music and spoken word poetry to be held on August 5, 2017 (Saturday) at the Conspiracy Garden Cafe on Visayas Avenue in Quezon City.

Among the musicians from SoundCloud Philippines and poets from CollaboratoryPH who will collaborate on a poetry x music performances are the following:
1. ChuGogol Del Rosario x Ian Christopher Sudiacal
2. Anne Clerigo x Sofia Dara Medina
3. Nuna Mistal Esguerra x Mark Dimaisip
4. Paola Lozare x Leandro Reyes

Entrance fee is P150. All proceeds from this event will go towards the CRIBS Foundation, a shelter for the abandoned, neglected, and surrendered female minor survivors of sexual abuse.

CRIBS aims to provide a safe and loving home environment for each child, free from any hint of violence or abuse. One of its hallmark initiatives is New Beginnings, a program designed to rehabilitate sexually abused girls from communities in and around the National Capital Region. To date, CRIBS’ Receiving House has come to the aid of 2,067 children, while the New Beginnings program has improved the lives of 730 victims of sexual abuse.

Music and art play a big part in the healing of these children. By taking part in art exhibits, dance and acting workshops, or by simply listening to uplifting music, the children of CRIBS are able to unburden their souls and nourish their spirits in a meaningful and productive manner.

SoundCloud Philippines would like to be part of this healing process, even if only for a night, and we invite you to join us on our quest as well.

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The Loudmouth Collective celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Cam (1)

Time to mix things up a bit.

If the mirror has two faces, then this girl has three sides. Kicking off the first of our featured Loudmouth poets, it’s Camcas “Camcats” (we’ve been trying to make that happen; maybe this is the year it does) Cervantes, LMC’s certified triple-threat. She sings. She draws. She does spoken word. The jury is out if she dances too, but if she did, then life really wouldn’t be fair.

Catch her and her compelling verses LIVE at Louder! 2: The Loudmouth Anniversary Show on June 24, 7PM at Exile on Main St., Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Free admission! There will be an open mic after our awesome program so don’t miss it.

Leandro (1)

If poetry is painting with words, then this guy’s fingers are eternally stained with pigment. Loudmouth’s unassuming maestro, Leandro’s poems convey the explosion of color that is the human experience; to listen is to understand that sometimes the ear can see.

Catch him at Louder! 2: The Loudmouth Anniversary Show on June 24, 7PM at Exile on Main St., Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Free admission! There will be an open mic after our awesome program so don’t miss it.

Jerome (1)

Jerome frequently introduces himself as “a doctor, but not the kind that helps sick people.” We beg to disagree: his gift for empathy makes for art that does nothing short of heal. When Loudmouth’s giant speaks (or sings!) his verses, we listen.

Catch him at Louder! 2: The Loudmouth Anniversary Show on June 24, 7PM at Exile on Main St., Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Free admission! There will be an open mic after our awesome program so don’t miss it.

Mark (2)

Somewhere between nerdville and nirvana lies Mark Dimaisip and his odd verses—using cats to discuss the urgency of living, maths to measure happiness and atoms to prove that reincarnation exists.

With subjects like anatomy, statistics, and quantum physics as backdrops for self discovery and introspection, Mark’s pieces have been described as “desire wrapped in logic”, “calmly enlightening”, and a “$100-per-hour shrink.”

Ready to see (or hear) those poems for yourself? Catch him LIVE at Louder! 2: The Loudmouth Anniversary Show on June 24, 7PM at Exile on Main St., Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Free admission! There will be an open mic after our awesome program so don’t miss it.

Chesca (1)

As a debater, Chesca Hurtado understands that words pack a punch, but when it comes to verses, it is not her arguments, but her power to render things sacred that pulls an audience in. Her poems build into elemental drumbeats that’ll call anyone who listens to arms.

Ready to have the fighting spirit put in you? Catch Chesca LIVE at Louder! 2: The Loudmouth Anniversary Show on June 24, 7PM at Exile on Main St., Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Free admission! There will be an open mic after our awesome program so don’t miss it.

Frankie (1)

What do you get when you mix a cactus, a firecracker, and a cat, give it singer-songwriter aspirations, then wrap it all up in a k-beauty package?

…We’re not sure either, but we’re fairly certain that’s what we’ve got here.
Co-founder of the Loudmouth Collective, Frankie Torres has a brand (of intense) all her own. Constantly crackling with restless (and occasionally reckless) energy, she lights up the stage with her powerful vocals, musical and poetic. Determined to share the trials and tribulations of a girl-on-fire, she brings a show likely to entertain and connect with audiences.

Confused? Frightened? Intrigued? Catch her LIVE at Louder! 2: The Loudmouth Anniversary Show on June 24, 7PM (that’s TOMORROW!!) at Exile on Main St., Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Free admission! There will be an open mic after our awesome program so don’t miss it.

John (1)

Last but not the least…here comes The General!

We’re not quite sure how he got the nickname (various sources cite different reasons), but there’s no denying that Loudmouth’s president and founder (and, occasionally, father) has the sort of swift-as-a-coursing-river, strength-of-a-great-typhoon presence that makes you stand (or sit up) a little straighter, either to listen or to salute.

A force to be reckoned with, John Ilagan isn’t outwardly theatrical in life, but the prudence and restraint he demonstrates as LMC’s strategic leader are matched by his poetic fire when he takes the stage, commanding attention with passionate verses whose beating heart is a rap-like undercurrent that pushes you forward.

Sound intimidating? We swear he isn’t when you get to know him. Do just that by catching him LIVE at Louder! 2: The Loudmouth Anniversary Show on June 24, 7PM (that’s TOMORROW!!) at Exile on Main St., Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Free admission! There will be an open mic after our awesome program so don’t miss it.

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The Neighborhood Reviews Bukambibig

The Neighborhood, Rogue Media Inc’s digital magazine that reviews art, food, design, culture, style, and wellness in Manila, recently featured Bukambibig’s Third Issue. Written by Alyssa Castillo, she shared, “I’m a picky reader–despite lacking knowledge (or refined taste) for what good literature supposedly is. But for a while, my eyes were glued to the screen. Disasters is filled with works of honest writers.”

The review also mentioned Mark’s poem. “Mark Dimaisip’s “Sun-kissed, Windswept, Weather-beaten” bears his childlike perspective on Filipinos’ way of facing natural disasters–narrating years of his childhood spent in brownouts and candlelit homework, toxic air and volcanic ash, and rescue missions during the 1990 great Luzon earthquake. But during months of grey skies, he also remembers a rare blue moon following a peaceful sunset of electric colors.”

You can find the full review here.

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Performatura Festival 2017: Sa Loob at Labas ng Bayan Kong Sawi

Inaanyayahan ang lahat na lumahok sa Performatura 2017: Performance Literature Festival na nakatakdang idaos mula Marso 31 hanggang Abril 2 sa Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) at Liwasang Balagtas, Pandacan, Maynila, simula 9:00 ng umaga. Ang tema ng festival ay Sa Loob at Labas ng Bayan kong Sawi mula sa Florante at Laura ni Balagtas.


Layon nito na lalong maipalaganap sa mga kababayan natin, sa mga estudyante at guro ang pagmamahal sa panitikan at iba pang anyo ng sining sa ating bayan. Libre at bukas sa publiko ang mga pagtatanghal tulad ng oral literature showcase, film showing, pagbabasa ng tula, teatro, mini book fair, marathon reading ng mga akda ni Balagtas, cosplay contest at marami pang iba.

Para po makapasok sa festival ay kailangan lamang mag-donate ng isang libro, kahit anong libro po. Ang isa ay katumbas ng one day entry pass. Ang makakalap na libro ay ibibigay ng CCP sa mga aklatan ng partner communities nito.

Ang tatlong araw ng festival sa CCP ay binubuo ng:



  • Heber Bartolome
  • Abra
  • Juan Miguel Severo
  • Binibining Beats ng Zamboanga
  • Kontra-Gapi
  • Sanghabi
  • Teatro Balagtas
  • Jean Ariane Flores ng Laguna
  • Anino Shadowplay

Spoken Word

  • Words Anonymous
  • Ampalaya Monologues by Theather for Alternative Platforms
  • Bukambibig
  • GUMIL ng Ilocos Region
  • NAGMAC ng Cagayan de Oro
  • The Batutes
  • LIRA
  • The Makatas
  • Voltes Vim
  • Happy Mondays
  • KM64
  • Baguio Writers Guild
  • Dumay Solinggay ng Baguio
  • White Wall
  • Alab Volunteer Group

National Artists Speech and Gawad CCP Awardees Interviews

  • Virgilio S. Almario
  • F. Sionil Jose
  • Nora Aunor
  • Ricky Lee
  • Leoncio Deriada

Oral Literature Showcase

  • Rajji performers ng Batanes
  • Balitaw performers ng Cebu
  • T’boli chanters ng South Cotabato


  • Ang Kababaihan ng Malolos, directed by Sari Dalena and Kiri Dalena
  • Komikero Chronicles, produced by Sari Dalena
  • Tribu, directed by Jim Libiran

Performance Art

  • Tupada Action and Media Arts (TAMA)
  • Nerisa Guevarra

Special Events

  • Opening of the National Artist for Visual Arts Cesar Legaspi
  • Birth Centennial Exhibit
  • Akdang Buhay Video Launching
  • Franciscosplay Contest
  • Pag-aalay ng Bulaklak kay Balagtas
  • Lakbay-Kamalaysayan sa Pandacan
  • NBDB Book Fair

Reading Sessions

  • Kids from Dagdag Dunong Reading Center
  • Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books Book Club
  • Students of Philippine National School for the Blind
  • Women’s Playwright International
  • Pinoy Storytellers Group


  • Poetry is Our Second Language
  • Bukanegan mula sa Ilocos Region
  • Sarsuwelang Sangang Nabali mula sa Cebu

Para sa kumpletong schedule, i-click ito.

Performatura sa Pandacan


  • Teatro Balagtas

 Spoken Word

  • KWF Mga Makata ng Taon
  • LIRA

National Artist Speech

  • Bienvenido Lumbera

Special Events

  • Pag-aalay ng Bulaklak kay Balagtas
  • Lakbay-Kamalaysayan sa Pandacan

Para sa kumpletong schedule, i-click ito.


Para sa mga venue sa CCP 

Mag-donate lamang ng isang libro (kahit na anong libro). Ang isang libro ay katumbas ng One Day Entry Pass.

Para sa Liwasang Balagtas, Pandacan, Maynila

Walang tiket na kailangang bilhin. Libre at bukas sa publiko.


Daig ng maagap ang masipag. Magpalista at mag-pre-register sa segments na gusto ninyong puntahan. Gawin ito sa pamamagitan ng www.performatura.com, at pagkatapos ay i-print ang e-ticket. Ibigay ito sa registration staff ng festival sa araw ng inyong pagpunta. Puwedeng mag-pre-register online hanggang 20 Marso 2017, alas-singko ng hapon.

Para magpalista nang maaga, i-click ito.

Para sa dagdag na impormasyon, tumawag sa CCP Intertextual Division sa (02) 551-5959, 832-3706 o magpadala ng email sa ccpintertextualdivision@gmail.com.

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The Loudmouth Collective presents Converta Vol.1

The Loudmouth Poets, debuting a very special gift from us to you: Converta Vol.1 by C. Roxenne.

Twenty two poems from your resident spoken word artists Cam Cervantes, Chesca Hurtado, Frankie Torries, Jerome Cleofas, John Ilagan, Leandro Reyes, Mark Dimaisip, and Miguel Espiritu.

Layout by Jamie Javier, cover art by Cam Cervantes and foreword by John Berida of Mga Apo.

For copies of the chapbook, please leave a message at our facebook page.


A Renaissance of Philippine Oral Tradition

“Poetry reading? That’s boring!” I heard this comment around five years ago from a senior Baguio artist and it left me a thought that – probably he has not read that much or poetry was frozen for a long time in the written text owing to invention of the printing press. I leave my first assumption as a biased judgment and muse on the second.

It was not until recently that there was a global boom of oral poetry since youtube became a platform of young performance poets. I am among the many who contracted the spoken word/performance poetry fever after watching the likes of Sarah Kay (New York), Shane Koyzcan (Canada), and Harry Baker (U.K).


In a recent fellowship of young poets I attended at the National Arts Center in Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna organized by the Cultural Center of the Philippines, I was able to meet the crème de la crème poets of the stage of every cafes in the country. The famous Juan Miguel Severo of Words Anonymous was there apologetic of his fame when he said, “Ayokokong marepresent ang community na ito (I don’t want to misrepresent the writers’/poets’ community)”, referring to his famous ‘hugot’ poems that earned strong criticisms from literatis.

Another counterpart who came to rock the house Imelda built was the Balagtasan group, The Makatas, sending their representative Dakila Cutab, a poet on stage and a comedian in everyday life. Also a member and of a subtler character but as eloquent in performing balagtasan is RR Cagalingan who came to represent LIRA (Linanga sa Imahen, Retorika, at Anyo).


Before Severo, there was Siege Malvar of the Batutes who performs with as much energy and was about to hit ‘famous’ but stayed humbly in his stance as ‘popular’ probably because the former took the limelight of the stage.

A Filipino-Canadian poet, Eloisa Francia, also joined the fellowship to represent the diaspora Filipino community who find their kin not only through their ethnicity but also in poetry thus the name of their group, Poetry is our Second Language.

Speaking of second language, what element makes poets most eloquent in many languages than alcohol. Franchesca Casauay, a polyglot is a member of a cultural platform group not to be mistaken as spoken word group, the Drunken Poetry Night (DPN).

Another Franchesca bearing the surname Hurtado is a young debate champion studying architecture in UP represented Bukambibig, a debate group side-lining into the creative verse. Frachesca got along with the one closest to her age, our youngest fellow, Lora Noreen Domingo (aged 17 who just published her collection of creative essays) of Kuwit, the literary group of the Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA).

The fellowship was also graced by the presence of an elementary school teacher and storyteller who happens to like wearing red because she is from planet Mars. Her name, incidentally, is Mars Mercado who came with her MAFIA (Mars and Friends in Action), a group of mountaineers and storytellers.

Leaning to the left is KM 64 represented by John Robert Luna whose rugged character is balanced by Mark Dimaisip of ALAB.

Czyka Tumalina of Knowledge Channel and Johanna Fernandez of Greenpeace PH arrived late for the fellowship because of their prior engagements with their noticeable group representations.

And of course, even though the capital is strong the north should always be defended. Ariel Tabag came to spread the lingua franca of the North representing his group GUMIL (Gunglo dagiti Mannurat nga Ilokano). There were two of us who came from the hinterlands of the majestic Cordilleras. Kervin Calabias stood for the Baguio Writers Group (BWG), while I had to flow to the tributaries down to the sea from my very source, UBBOG (spring) Cordillera Writers.

The South, the biggest island is carried by Gari Jamero of NAGMAC (Nagkahiusang Manunulat sa Cagayan de Oro).

The surfacing of the contemporary performance poets is leading to the banyuhay (bagong anyo ng buhay) or renaissance of oral literature that remained stagnant for quite sometime because of preference of the previous generation on poets on Iowa style and structure. “Tinawanan nila si Rio Alma sa Sililliman (referring to Silliman National Writers Workshop) kasi sa Tagalog siya nagsusulat. Ayun nagwalk-out siya (They laughed at Rio Alma at Silliman because he wrote in Tagalog. He had to walk out.),” related Hermie Beltran, the head of the CPP.


“Who needs Palanca when you have already performed in a hundred cafes in the country?” Backed-up our faciltaor, the poet Vim Nadera.

The characters and the different backgrounds of the lists of poets above shows how literature is being celebrated in every walk of life and it is as diverse as the peoples of this nation. As Nadera puts it, “Buhay na buhay ang panitikan (literature is very much alive)!”

It is appearing that oral literature is not only being revived but Philippine literature is being explored through the various forms of performances like music, performance or body art, theater, and cinema. The fellowship of poets was thus objectively gathered to plan for a festival celebrating performed literature dubbed as PERFORMATURA.

Pray the winds bring good tidings and let’s celebrate life through performed literature come April 2017. Brace up for the fools month and see you at the CCP as the banyuhay of the Philippine unfolds again from the voices of prophets, comedians, activist, teachers among others guised as poets.

(published in the Baguio Chronicle, July 22-29, 2016 issue)