Stay Furious: Tindig 2017

One of the reasons art and expression exists is to invoke discomfort to its audience – be it the type of discomfort that sits before bed or the gnawing discomfort that needs to be dealt with. Freedom of expression always has a purpose.

This time, for The Polaris Project’s annual poetry slam called Stay Furious: Tindig 2017, it is to capture its audience by their hands and hearts to encourage them to turn their fury into action.

Our beloved nation has experienced numerous events that keep us asking: what can we do about it? In the same light, is change something we can grasp and foster with our hands? These questions motivate this year’s Tindig.

Tindig is on its third year as one of The Polaris Project’s focal events. This year, we would like to address the issues that plague our country – corruption, disrespect for human rights, neo-colonialism/postcolonialism, and everything that makes us seethe with fury. Hence, our call to our audience is to Stay Furious as a collective action that breeds hope and change that we strive for.

Promoting social awareness through art, Stay Furious: Tindig 2017, will feature a night of spoken word, art, and music that is dedicated to voicing out our frustrations about what is and our dreams of what should be. This year, we are introducing our #BurnBook which includes 140-character stories from writers all over Metro Manila, interpreted into visual stories by select artists. The event is co-presented by Resbak, an artists’ alliance that responds and breaks the silence on the killings done by the present administration.

The event is co-presented by Resbak, an artist’s alliance that responds and breaks the silence on the killings done by the present administration.

Our roster of spoken word poets includes Jam Pascual, Cai Antonio, Patti Ramos, John Ilagan, Mark Dimaisip, Lakan Umali, and poet, Wanggo Gallaga. Our contributing artists for the #BurnBook include Manix Abrera, Yasmin Sehob, Rysa Antonio, Rai Perez, Aia Arkoncel, Pau Villanueva, Brendel Lim, Anna Marcelo, and Bea Trinidad, and more.

Guest musicians, Calix x Skinxbonesand Den Sy Ty, are two rappers who discuss issues surrounding society with fury and wit.

To further highlight this year’s Tindig, all proceeds from this event will go to Rise Up, a collective of various religious and secular groups who champion human rights and denounce the continuing killings and human rights violations of the current administration. Rise Up believes that rehabilitation, counseling, and community involvement are better solutions to drug dependency over the current administration’s violent solution to drug-related problems. They uphold their cause by documenting the killings, giving livelihood programs to the families of the victims, giving paralegal support and psychological counseling to those affected by the killings.

We would like to invite you to stay furious and do something about it on 29 July 2017 at Venture Space, Mandaluyong from 7 PM to 12 MN. Entrance is Php250 per person and all proceeds will go to our beneficiary, Rise Up. Our #BurnBook is available for purchase at Php 70 each.

Food and drink concessionaires will be open during the event.

Links to Rise Up videos & documentaries:


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