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Writer, Performer, Teaching Artist

Somewhere between nerdville and nirvana lies Mark Dimaisip and his odd verses—using cats to discuss the urgency of living, maths to measure happiness and atoms to prove that reincarnation exists. With subjects like anatomy, statistics, and quantum physics as backdrops for self discovery and introspection, his poems have been described as “desire wrapped into logic”, “calmly enlightening”, and “$100-per-hour shrink”.

He has performed for venues such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, PETA Theater, Manila Polo Club and World Trade Center Manila and has been featured in literary publications such as A Literation Magazine, Human Parts and The Brazilia Review. He has also conducted public speaking, writing and spoken word workshops for schools and corporate organizations.

He has released a poetry chapbook in 2014 called “Near Things” and is currently working on his second chapbook which he hopes to release by 2018. [read more]


Calmly enlightening… lovely twisting and thinking about our more mysterious scientific discoveries.

CHASE LEDIN, Literary and Cultural Theorist

Mark is a passionate workshop leader and energetic facilitator. His presentations are novel, audience-appropriate and overwhelmingly fun.

MANUEL TANPOCO, Teacher at St. Jude Catholic School